Path Valley Picnic & Homecoming
By Pageant, Parade, Cake, & Pie Winners
August 15, 2023

2023 Pageant Winners List

Little Miss
Little Miss 2023 Harper Sites
1st runner up Willow Jackson
2nd runner up Marissa Mellott
Miss Congeniality Addison Wright

Junior Princess
Junior Princess 2023 Kynsee Coons
1st runner up Makella Junkin
2nd runner up Maria Mellott
Miss Congeniality Willow Rupert

2023 Queen is Harleigh Detweiler
1st runner up to Marlee O’Donnell
2nd runner up & Miss Congeniality Miranda Defenderfer

2023 Parade Winners List

1st Place Antique Car/Truck *Raymond Burdge*
2nd Place Antique Car/Truck *Stanley Burdge*
1st Place Antique Tractor *Grid Tractor Club*
2nd Place Antique Tractor *Grid Tractor Club*
1st Place Business Entry *Parsons Log Home Services*
2nd Place Business Entry *Art Beidel Custom Farming*
1st Place Classic Car/Truck *Merrill Varner Sr*
2nd Place Classic Car/Truck *RCL Automotive LLC*
1st Place Comedy Entry *Gambles*
2nd Place Comedy Entry *Eagle Evergreens*
1st Place Educational Entry *Girl Scouts Troop 80182*
1st Place Horses Entry *La Rosa De la Montana*
2nd Place Horses Entry *Bob Mears*
1st Place Individual Entry *Wall Of Fallen Heroes*
2nd Place Individual Entry *Tri-State Submarine Veterans*
1st Place Musical Marching Unit *Spinning Illusions*
2nd Place Musical Marching Unit *Sassy Spinnerz*
1st Place Nonmusical Marching Unit *Dry Run American Legion Post 232*
2nd Place Nonmusical Marching Unit *Shippensburg VFW Post 6168*
1st Place Path Valley Pride Entry *Fannett-Metal Rod & Gun Club*
2nd Place Path Valley Pride Entry *Path Valley Veterans*
1st Place Religious Entry *Upper Path Valley Presbyterian Church*

1st Place Ambulance *Three Springs Ems*
2nd Place Ambulance *Hustontown*
3rd Place Ambulance *South Mountain*
1st Place Atv/Utv *Greenmount*
1st Place Brush Unit *St. Thomas*
2nd Place Brush Unit *South Newton*
1st Place Engine/Rescue *Upper Frankford*
2nd Place Engine/Rescue *St. Thomas*
1st Place Engine/Tanker *South Mountain*
2nd Place Engine/Tanker *Hustontown*
1st Place Fire Engine *South Newton*
2nd Place Fire Engine *East Waterford*
3rd Place Fire Engine *Hustontown*
1st Place Fire Police/Traffic Unit *South Newton*
1st Place Rescue Squad *Upper Frankford*
2nd Place Rescue Squad *McConnellsburg*
1st Place Special Unit *South Newton*
2nd Place Special Unit *Cumberland Valley Hose Co*
3rd Place Special Unit *Upper Frankford*
1st Place Tanker *Newburg-Hopewell*
2nd Place Tanker *Shade Gap*
Longest Distance Traveled *Greenmount*
1st Place Best Appearing Award *Upper Frankford*
2nd Place Best Appearing Award *South Newton*

2023 Cake & Pie Winners List

1st place - Tina Staniszewski
2nd place - Pam Gibbons
3rd place - Ava Thompson

1st place - Aaron Rupert
2nd place - Elaine Chilcote
3rd place - Brittney Rupert

Kid's Cake:
1st place - Ensley Runk
2nd place - Gale Burdge

Kid's Pie:
1st place - Willow Rupert